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Learn The Swing, Drills and Formulas You Need To Turbo-Charge Your Golf Game

Sam Goulden has helped thousands of golfers to improve their games and lower their scores. No matter if you’re looking to break 100, 90, 80, or 70, you can take the next step and break-through your personal best, starting today!

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Square To Square Swingers Forum

I have to say, first, that I’m a little overwhelmed by all the positive feedback from the “Square to Square” e-book.

So many great responses and still a few questions.. Rather than respond to the same questions over and over through email, I decided to create this post where users

Sam Goulden 2014 Calendar

2014 Tournament Schedule

I am ramping up for a big 2014. Below are the events that I will be playing in. All counted I will be entered in 17 events prior to the start of Web.com Qualifying.

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Launching Soon

Square-to-Square Mastery Course

Thousands of people have learned from my e-book, and now I want to answer all your questions and help you take your game to the next level.

Launching Fall 2014, click below to learn more and secure your spot.

Which Best Describes Your Game?

To ensure you get the proper “starting-point” for your game, review the options below and choose the option that best describes you… I’ll direct you to the appropriate materials so you can fast-track your progression.

"I’m A Beginner / I Usually Shoot 100+"

If you’re new to the game of golf, or just want to start with the basics, click below to get started…

The great news for you is, with a few simple changes to your swing, you should be able to achieve substantial results...

"I Need to Break 90"

At this point, you’re definitely doing some things right.  Now we need to help you with consistency, scoring, and maybe power.

Also, you’ll discover how to use your range time to create a repeatable, powerful swing (instead of just hacking at balls and creating bad-habits for yourself).

Click below and I’ll show you how to get started…

"I Need To Break 80"

This is hallowed ground for amateur golfers…

If you can consistently break 80, you open yourself up to a world of opportunity and enjoyment from the game.

You’ll be able to compete at your local clubs’ championship, win money from your friends, and give yourself a shot at breaking par!

At this stage, you really need to focus on the few things that will get you those incremental gains… click below to get started

"I’m Ready To Break 70"

If you’re ready to push your scoring into the 60′s, you’re an elite player!

Through proper practice, course management, and a formulaic approach, you can accomplish your goal.

I have used this approach to help both amateurs and tour players get into the 60′s… learn more below.

Want an all encompassing approach to turbo-charge your game?  Learn about Sam’s Square-To-Square Mastery Courses, where you can get access to premium videos, e-books, PDFs, practice worksheets, etc, for less than the cost of few lessons at your local course.

Learn the 5 Keys to Consistent Ball Striking!

Most amateur players lose power because they don’t compress the golf ball. You don’t need 80 swing-thoughts to create “focused power” in your game. Here’s five things you can focus on to improve your ball-striking (from the Square-to-Square swing methodology)…

Solid Set-Up
Preset Impact Position
Shoulder Led Backswing
Turn Through Ball With Shoulders

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What other say about us!

Andrew Tweito

I found Sam on YouTube last year when I couldn’t figure out how to stop flipping my club through impact…

I was hitting my 7-iron sky-high and 145 yards with no compression whatsoever.  I started using the square to square swing, and within a few weeks, I was able to consistently hit a 175 yd. light-draw with my 7-iron, and my driver went from 240 to 285.    Most importantly, I was putting the divot in front of the golf ball, for the first time in my life.

I highly recommend Sam’s videos, ebooks, lessons… everything.

Andrew TweitoStudent@Uberdrewber
Phil Holinka

I hit balls twice at a practice range and was amazed at the consistent contact I was making…

I’m a natural lefty with 4 right handed brothers. My father bought 1 set of used right handed clubs when I was a kid. He said I could learn to play right handed. I played very little until I was 40 and had to give up baseball.

When I got serious about golf I continued to play right handed and got to a 5 hdcp with a lot of practice. But I have always struggled with my swing consistency.

I moved 5 years ago and didn’t join a club so my practice disappeared and so did my game.

Last week I saw your ad and thought I’d try the Square to Square swing. I hit balls twice at a practice range and was amazed at the consistent contact I was making. I played my first round of the year on a good course and shot 76. If I’d putted well at all I’d have shot 73.

I’m SOLD! Now I’m looking forward to playing again!

Phil HolinkaAmazon ReviewerRead Amazon Review
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