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My Golfers are Wise Pigs

Three average golfers were sitting in the clubhouse after playing a round. They were all feeling frustrated with their games. The first golfer remembers a tip he read in a golf magazine and decides he’s going to get a small bucket of balls and fix his swing. The second golfer decides to take a one hour […]

Winter’s Almost Here … Mat Practice Tips

Time flies… I can’t believe it’s almost Winter again. If you’re like me and you live in an area where it gets pretty cold in the winter, you’ll probably spend most of your practice time indoors for the next few months. One of the challenges of practicing indoors is it’s tough to replicate the feedback […]

Why We Square-To-Square

I put together this short video of Zach Johnson holing out a wedge to show “Why We Square-to-Square”. By limiting the wrists’ involvement in the swing, and focusing on keeping our club face square to the path, we can improve our ability to hit the ball accurately and consistently… A lot of the the students […]