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Sam Goulden Pause At The Top Course

Sam Goulden Green Master Course
Sam Goudlen Truth About Lies Course
  • The "Groove" Course

    The five videos above show the mechanics, but in this free course you will learn 3 drills to “groove-in” the Sam Goulden Square to Square Swing.  Consistency is the key, and through this course, you’ll develop the muscle-memory needed to become a more powerful, consistent, accurate ball-striker

  • The "Pause At The Top" Course

    In this course, you’ll learn an important practice technique to help you build further consistency in your ball-striking.

  • The "Truth About Lies" Course

    You’ll learn the adjustments and proper ways to approach shots from a wide-range of lies, including uphill, sidehill, pinestraw, etc.

  • The "Green Master" Course

    As you know, your putting can either make or break a round of great ball-striking.   Now that you’ve learned the swing, learn how to read greens and sink more putts.

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