Private Lessons

Has a coach ever asked you what you want out of golf? Have you ever taken the time to answer that question for yourself? In my private coaching experiences we always start by answering the question “What do you want out of golf?”

Once we both know what it is you are looking for out of your golf game – consistency, solid contact, to break 80 or win your club championship – we can set up a game-plan and map out a program to achieve those goals.

Join me for one or two days and and let’s get you excited about getting on that path to reaching your goals!

Individual Half Day Private


Individual Full Day Private


Two Day Private 


How it works:
We meet for coffee at 9:00am just up the road from the studio and get to know each other. We talk about your goals and your current level of play. Then we map out the day.
This usually ends up being a blend of hitting balls in the simulator, then going to the course for putting, chipping, bunkers, and then playing a few holes so we can work on routine and taking the changes to the course.
If you have time for two days we will be able to spend a little more time on each thing. I will usually break up the two days in that scenario – so the first day we focus on building the swing, the second day we go to the course and work on everything else and play 9-holes.
At the end of the session we spend about an hour to recap the day(s) and create a game plan going forward. This is where it really pays off. You get a detailed outline of your practice sessions going forward along with a schedule for feedback from me to make sure you’re on track. This is probably the most overlooked part of coaching in my opinion. So many golfers don’t know what to practice to actually get better. After I have the chance to get to know your game I can create a customized blueprint for you to follow.
You’re basically getting 6 months worth of instruction and feedback starting with a full assessment, instruction and then game plan.
Almost everyone I do this with will meet with me again after about six months. The amount we can gain from this program is limitless. I’ve had players starting in the mid-90s go to breaking 80 in the first six months and then shooting par or better in a year.