Sam Goulden’s Ultimate Membership

Through the Ultimate Membership, I’ve put together a “Learning Track” that mirrors the approach I’ve used to help thousands of in-person students take their game to the next level.

Not only do you get access to all of my courses at a substantially discounted rate (vs. buying them all individually)…

You get access to my “Swing Review Portal” where you can submit your swing video and get a personalized video response from me.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Sam Goulden

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Note: This is a month-to-month membership.  You can cancel or “pause” your account at any time.

$49 per month

limited time pricing

Limited Time Pricing

This offer is valid until we reach 100 members. (we are currently open for 25 new Ultimate Members)

I’d love to open this up to the masses but I can’t do a good job with your monthly swing reviews if I have too many people.

If you purchase now, you will lock in this rate for the duration of your membership!

What Do You Get?

  • Timed Access To All Courses

    Instead of purchasing each course separately, the Ultimate Membership offers you access to all of Sam’s courses.

    New courses are unlocked over time.

    Sam has designed a “Learning Track” so that you have time to implement / practice the drills from each course before progressing to the next course.

    Your access begins when you join with the flagship course, “The Square-to-Square Mastery Class” along with the “Square to Square Grip Specifics Course”

    …and then 3 weeks later you will unlock the “Long Range Pin Sniper Course”.

    Approximately every 3-5 weeks, a new course will unlock for you

  • Personal Video Feedback

    So much of improvement in golf depends on addressing your swing’s strengths and weaknesses.

    The Ultimate Membership includes access to the “Swing Review Portal”, where you can submit videos of your swing, and Sam will respond with a video-based analysis.

    You can submit one new swing video for review each month (each video can have multiple clubs / swings included)…

    You can also view other members’ videos to find applicable tips for your game.

  • Skype Lesson Discounts

    Normally a one-on-one Skype lesson with Sam is $125+ for 30 minutes.

    For Ultimate Members, the price is reduced to $75 for 30 minutes.

  • Access Other Exclusive Content

    Aside from the “Courses” you will unlock access to, you will also get access to Sam’s exclusive insider content.

    This content will include blog posts, videos, equipment review, etc.

How Does It Work?

  • Unlock Courses Over Time

    When you join, you will have immediate access to the “Square to Square Mastery Class” and the “Square to Square Grip Specifics Course”

    Then, every 3 weeks or so you will unlock access to a new course.  See the list below for the preliminary course schedule.

  • No Long Term Commitment

    This is a month-to-month membership.

    You can cancel at any time you wish…. or PA– USE your account…where you’ll maintain access to the courses you’ve unlocked to that point…

    However, if you cancel your account, you will obviously lose access to the exclusive content.

  • Roadmap to Improvement

    The goal of the Ultimate Membership is to provide you with video lessons and personal feedback for a reasonable monthly price.

    Compare the Ultimate Membership to getting a new set of lessons each month, along with video swing analysis.

    Relative to purchasing the courses individually, the Ultimate Membership will save you around $600 in 12 months, AND you’ll get access to Sam for personal feedback + more.